The Jumper pic

Since nobody seems to know how to sew nowadays, and therefor very few people are able to make or even repair their own clothing, I came up with the idea to start teaching. I came up with a contemporary but easy - in terms of sewing - pair of trousers and a sweater. In a multiple-day workshop you can make your own garnment while learning the sewing basics.


Selected Works

Atelier ParadisTechnical Design, Pattern Cutting, Execution

FORCE REPUBLIKPatterns & Execution

Viktor & RolfAssembling

Tony CohenTechnical Design, Pattern Cutting, Execution

SPR+Technical Design, Pattern Cutting

&AYLADesign, Pattern Cutting, Execution, Teaching

Alexandra FridaPattern Cutting, Execution

MOAMTechnical Design, Pattern Cutting, Execution

Dudok QuartetDesign, Pattern Cutting, Execution

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